Tyranny of Dragons

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Current Characters:
  • Sallos Zha Zhoala played by Jeff is a Human Rogue Swashbuckler / Bard.
  • Ennis Naïlo played by Lydia is a High Elf Life Cleric.
  • Nithbis played by Raven is a Tiefling Circle of Land Druid.
  • Harbek played by Nathan is a Hill Dwarf Oath of Devotion Paladin.
  • Kothai Brim-Skyr played by Sean is a Goliath Totem of the Bear Barbarian.
Past Player Characters:
  • Danaeron played by Sean was a Wood Elf Hunter Conclave Ranger. Defeated by Langdedrosa Cyanwrath in the Dragon Egg Hatchery.
  • Morthos played by Sean was a Human Pact of the Blade Warlock. Defeated by Glazhael Cloudchaser the White Dragon on Skyreach castle.

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