Miniature Review: Gibbering Mouther

Continuing on from the Grell post earlier, Gibbering Mouthers are both one of my favorite weird, grotesque, uniquely D&D bad guys! Gibbering Mouthers babble endlessly, driving creatures who can hear them insane. Also, their brains float around inside their mass. Love it! Just like the Grells before, these little beauties come in the Wrath of Ashardalon boardgame.

Item Name: Gibbering Mouther (From Wrath of Ashardalon)
Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
Line: D&D Board Games
Review: Much of what I have to say here is already covered in the Grell review. Bottom line, the Wrath board-game is worth picking up, even for just the miniatures. The game itself is based on 4th edition, which works best as a board game anyway, in my humble opinion. These are clean plastic sculpts that require no assembly. Quite happy with them!

I wanted them to look grotesque so I painted them in fleshy tones, and applied spot gloss to make things look sickly wet. Love dropping them on the table!


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