Miniature Review: Reaper Bones Animals

Hello! Welcome to a new series I'll be chronicling here at Castle Mac where I review the D&D figures I've recently painted. I will warn you up front: The pictures aren't fantastic, nor is the painting... but the volume is! I paint to a tabletop standard for these guys since I know many of them will see one encounter every few months, if they're lucky. I'll work on the picture quality, promise!

Item name: Animal Companions kit
Manufacturer: Reaper
Line: Bones 
Review: I picked these up to just help flesh out my collection for familiars, wild shapes, and the occasional baddie. Like all of Reaper's Bones line, the figures are a plastic-y vinyl material that does not take primer well. But, I'm an old dog and can't learn new tricks, so I still prime them. They have a tacky feel to them until paint hits them... but I'm used to working with them now.

I am a huge fan of the Reaper Bones line of miniatures just for the sheer price. Yes, they are often misshapen, or have nasty mould lines, but man they're cheap as chips which is pretty solid for D&D figures such as these.

I'm not even sure that the smaller mammal is. A marmut? The official product page lists it as a wolverine, but I'd like to think it's a combat beaver. These painted up quickly in just a few minutes with some drybrushes and copious washes applied. Definitely recommend this kit (this will be a common theme with me- I'm very easy to please with kids!) to flesh out your collection.


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