Miniature Review: Dire Wolves and Wargs!

The Wolf pack!

Alright! We're back with our second product review; though this time it's 3 different products! As part of our adventures in Barovia, I knew I needed wolves. Lots of them. So, starting with the one from the Reaper Bones Animal Companions set, I grabbed a few more blisters of wolves, all by Reaper as well.

The wolf from the Animal Companions set.

Item name(s): Warg, Dire Wolves
Manufacturer: Reaper
Line: Bones (Warg), Dark Heaven Legends (Dire Wolves)
Review: My friendly local game store happened to have 3 of the wargs on hand, so I went ahead and grabbed them all. The Dire Wolves I ordered online to bulk them out a bit. Obviously, the scales here vary from small (the wolf from the animal companion set) to huge (the wargs). As before, I did a very quick and dirty painting scheme, but I am happy with how they came out for minimal effort. I think I'd like to order the Reaper wolves set to add to the collection, since right now the only options I have are OMG HUGE AND MONSTROUS!

The Dire Wolves

The Wargs

One warg gets to be a Winter Wolf!


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