Lost Mine of Phandelver Part 3

Ivy the wood-elf cleric, Tifatina the gnome druid, Trajek the half-orc druid, and Finbin the halfling ranger set off in pursuit of their quarry. Finbin led the way, his hatred of goblins fueling his tracking skills. Evading a snare trap, and a pit trap along the tiny path it was evident the goblin either did not want to be found or expected to be pursued.

Art by Paul Abrams
Suddenly, the group popped out of the woodline to see a fairly tall hill raising up out of the trees. A stream ran next to the path up to the mouth of a cave at the top, and a tall hedgerow lined the base of the hill obscuring all else from view. Not willing to walk straight into another ambush, the party decided it was best to attempt to scout ahead. Ivy crept up next to the hedges putting in effort to not make a sound. Alas, her efforts were undone by the loud crack of a dry stick! Freezing in place while glancing back at her friends at the trailhead, Ivy heard an exclamation in goblin-tongue. Not wanting to be discovered Ivy sunk quickly and quietly into the hedge. Once there she saw two sets of goblin legs standing on a raised platform.

“There they are!” a goblin exclaimed, as they fired two shots at the adventurers standing at the trailhead. Trajek and Tifatina both took arrows before the group knew what hit them. Spurred into action, Finbin ran up the hill to the hedgeline and sent a shot through the hedge at where he expected a goblin to be standing. A gurgle and a sickening smack of a body in the mud confirmed that he had, in fact, guessed right at where the goblin had ducked in the soft cover. Trajek lumbered himself up the hill and attempted to boomerang the location where the thought the second goblin had ducked.

Unfortunately for him, his track record with the boomerang was still rather dismal, guessing wrong at the location of the goblin. Having enough of this getting shot at business, Tifatina took matters into her own hands. Charging up the hill she prepared her sling, firing a rock through the shrubbery. A resounding crack, and the proceeding splat of yet another body hitting the mud told the group all they needed to know. Tifatina was brutal with the stone sling.

Surveying the damage done, Ivy noticed a glass vial had fallen from a dead goblin’s furs. Picking it up and examining the contents, she deduced it was a health potion. Tossing it to Trajek she warned him about getting shot so frequently and it being bad for his well being. The group pressed on, with Ivy continuing to lead the way up the trail. They did their best to prepare for what awaited them in the cave for there was still no sight of the mystery riders and when there is one goblin, you can always bet on ten more being right around the corner.

Entering the cave, the group walked single file next to the waist deep stream and the rock wall. Ivy took point, followed by Tifatina, Finbin, and then Trajek at rearguard. Up to the right Ivy slunk into a chamber, only to be confronted by three malnourished and snarling wolves chained to a stalagmite.

Coming in right behind her came the rest of the group, only to be stopped at the doorway by the snarling and snapping jaws of the wolves. Tifatina and Trajek put the idea forth to the group that maybe, they could make peace with the beasts by offering them some food. Instead of digging into their own rations, Tifatina figured to put the bodies of the two slain goblins to good use. Jogging down the hill while Tifatina and Trajek started to communicate with the wolves using body language, Ivy dragged the goblin carcass’ back to the cave. In a quick rip of strength, Trajek ripped an arm off one of the goblins and tossed it to the wolves. Unsure about this new meal at first, once the wolves realized the appendage was food they consumed it at an alarming rate. Still not satiated, the wolves looked hungry for more. Trajek tore off a leg this time and handed it to Tifatina, who then offered it to the hungry beasts. Once again it was consumed quickly, however the wolves looked satisfied this time around.

Art from Flight Rising
Finbin, still unsure of the beasts, attempted to sneak around them to check the back of the chamber for any clues to where the riders were. Spotting a fissure in the rocks just big enough for a halfling or a gnome to climb on up, he started to climb. Trajek would also move into the chamber, stopping at the trash heap located at the bottom of the fissure. “See anything up there halfling?!” he shouted up at Finbin. Unhappy with yelling in a cave potentially full of goblins, Finbin shushed the half-orc quickly before returning his attention to reaching the top of his climb. At the top, he saw an open chamber again, this one filled with firelight and containing some storage boxes along the far wall. A sniffing sound catches Finbin’s ear, followed by a deep rough voice “What is it boy? Ya smell somethin’?”

Around the corner of a stalagmite a shadow started to appear. Not wanting to be discovered, the halfling let go of the rock edge and let himself fall the thirty feet to the trash pile below. Landing with a thump, winded, bruised, and battered from his fall, Finbin is dragged back to the party by Trajek. “What did you see Finbin?!” Tifatina asked. “Not much, but there is someone up there and they have a beast of some sort. We are expected.” he replied. “You stink” stated Trajek, who promptly dunked the halfling in the stream to quell some of the stench that was coming from him.

Pressing on, the party noticed a bridge spanning the path up ahead about 12 feet off the ground. The slight clatter of rubble could be heard through the cavern, and suddenly, the waters started rising and the current was growing more swift with the passing seconds. Most of the party was able to grab hold of the wall and brace themselves, except for Trajek, who was swept all the way out to the mouth of the cave. Two goblins appear on the bridge ahead and start firing arrows at the now drenched companions. Hitting Tifatina and Ivy with their black arrows the goblins screech with joy. Ivy switches from shield to bow attempting to not be hit again, Trajek begins to sprint back through the cave, Tifatina looses a rock from her sling, smacking a goblin in the shoulder, and Finbin sails an arrow past the other goblin.

Still taking fire, Finbin is the only one of the group struck. Tifatina again hurls a rock to take out one of the goblins, and Trajek follows up with a swift boomerang to the skull of the other. Grinning ear to ear, in what can only be described as a frightening sight Trajek seems to have shaken his bad voodoo that caused his boomerang to miss so much earlier.

Soon after disposing of the two goblins the adventurers hear a voice, “do it again!” it exclaims. Noticing the waters rising, all the party barring Ivy finds a dry place to stand as once again the current rushes through. Ivy struggled grappling to a dry position and had to be braced by her friends, or the rushing water would have swept her away. Once the water receeded the party made their way down a side hall that seemed to be made of mostly fallen rocks. Tifatina took scouting duties this time. Climbing down from the rock pile she was on, she came to a T-shaped intersection with firelight at one end. Creeping towards the firelight, Tifatina strained to see what was ahead. She noticed six goblins in a chamber huddled around a fire. Tifatina was caught in the open when one of the goblins yelled “who is there?! Is you an intruder?!” Recognizing the goblin language, Finbin yelled back in his best goblin voice,
“It’s just me making the rounds to see if an intruder has been found!” Coaxed out by the sound of a fellow goblin the group of them slowly made their way to the entrance to the chamber.
“We hasn’t seen no intruders here! Wait, who is you?! Yeebow is that you?!”
“Uh, yes, Yes! This is Yeebow!”
“Well come down here, it’s not safe out there with intruders running about”
At this point the lead goblin noticed Tifatina still standing at the bottom of the rock pile, smack in the middle of the hallway.
“Intruder! Surrender yourself! Yeebow get down here!”
“Uh, no, no thank you. Intruders is bad news.”

The lead goblin then noticed Tifitina motioning to the top of the rock pile, and shouted for the rest of the party to come down. Filing down, the rest of the party filled out the hall. The goblin leader’s face fell when he realized Yeebow had never been there at all. In the most goblin fashion imagineable, the lead goblin introduced himself as Yeemik Secondmost in Command. Yeemik told the adventurers he would cut a deal with them. Trying to avoid being swarmed by goblins should always be a goal, so the party was open to options. Yeebow seemed to want to trade what he believed to be another member of the party for the group’s services in eliminating “the big boss man.” Unsure of what Yeemik meant by “one of yous guys,” the party agreed to send Trajek in to see their apparent party member.

Trajek walked into the room full of goblins with swords out and bows drawn, to discover an unconscious Sildar slumped against the back wall, tied and bound. Trajek made sure Sildar was still living and then yelled to Tifatina and Finbin in Gnomish that he was alive. Finbin, in disbelief that they would ever make a deal with these evil, greedy beings, decides to provoke them by continuing to go under the name of their fallen friend Yeebow. The goblins did not take to Finbin’s impersonation very well and finally snapped, attacking the party.

As soon as one of the goblins moved however, Trajek was ready, and ran him through with a spear. The goblins then closed the gap, most missing their shots, however one struck Finbin and one struck Tifatina. Tifatina struck back with her scimitar and barely missed the enraged goblin, however Ivy cleaned it up by calling upon her Primal Savagery and clawing the goblin’s face off and melting away the skull with acid accompanied by a shriek of pain. Trajek then tried to throw fire on some of the goblins around him before they got too close, but he missed. Before the fight got out of hand, and the goblins actually started hitting their shots, Finbin decided to take matters into his own hands. The halfling grabbed Yeemik by the head, and beheaded him. Following the execution, he raised the head up high and shouted in his goblin voice
“Yeebow is leader now!”

The intimidation factor worked, and the remaining goblins laid down their arms. Trajek from inside the chamber, bound their hands and feet, making sure they wouldn’t go anywhere. Finbin looked to the rest of the party and in the common tongue said,
“I think our wolf friends are still a little hungry!”

Session Recap by Sean M.


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