Curse of Strahd Part One: The Order of Rorik

Just a brief post for the first session. We were down Lydia, but the others wanted to start. This session saw a lot of interaction in the town of Goldenleaf, some world building (extended epilogue post Tyranny of Dragons) and some good ol' fashioned random drink table fun.

DM Notes

The party begins in Goldenleaf, with Driessa recruiting Caecillius and Anghar to work with her in the Order of Rorik, a group focused on doing good and helping rebuild after the destruction of the Cult of the Dragon.

Driessa, Caecillius, and Anghar are then issued orders by the Order to investigate Lord Albrecht’s missing son at Blackmoor keep. The party travels to the keep, and begins their investigation. The keep personnel found 2 slain guards by the creek where they were protecting the boy as he played. As it is late, the group decides to hold off  the bodies of some slain guards, and begins the investigation. They find Lord Albrecht to be a grotesquely obese lush, and his sister to be quite stern.

Because we decided to start at level 1, I chose to start with the module Ruins Beneath Firestone Keep, which I essentially ran straight up. It's a great starter module that I can highly recommend. 

The Personal and Private Accounts of Driessa Nomnialla ~

The cadence of time in Goldenleaf… predictable, routine, and fresh all at once. I appreciate the rhythmic formula to my days. It is a contrast to what I was told the outside world would be like. Instead of the chaos I was warned of, other beings are mostly interested in ensuring that nothing happens. My day’s work consists of making things happen so that nothing happens. The nothing is necessary for any town to function post Tiamat. Before I forget to write this down, I did mean what I wrote about time feeling “fresh.” Every day has ended that same since I arrived, except for today. I met two Beings this afternoon who were confusing to me. The first Being was a Dragonborn who was not evil but still alarmingly curt and disinterested in discourse. The second Being was a very inviting and inclusive individual with a face that showed both light and dark at the same time. I can’t describe it as much as I felt it. It was as though his spirit lifted when we began to speak and I am so curious about what brought him and his friend to that table in Goldenleaf tonight. “Flu ol sa scoultleem sito sealol.”


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