Curse of Strahd Campaign Journal: Character Backgrounds

Okay! I'm going to try to keep up with this one since it's hot off the press!

We have started a new campaign, and settled on the Curse of Strahd.

Following this post, I will include our in character journals, and a link to our list of NPCs which is updated after each game.

Without further ado, here are the character backgrounds for the current cast of characters.

Caecilius of clan Ras Played by Sean

Caecilius is of clan Ras (pronounced Raisch). Ras was a clan of red Dragonborn that converted to serving Bahamut generations ago. Over the years they won glory and a vast fortune. Caecilius trained and served with paladins in Elturel. He distinguished himself in combat and was a rising name within the ranks. All of this pleased Caecilius who wanted glory and wealth as all dragons do. His nature was always that of pride and strength. He also had the darker parts of his core that are present in all red dragons. A desire to destroy his enemies and hear all say his name with reverence and fear. He tempered the darker parts of himself by being devoted to Bahamut, king and god of all good dragons. He swore his oaths and has never broken them.

As the cult of the dragon gained power and grew bolder in raiding, killing, and pillaging villages, his fellow paladins and commanders grew wary of him. Rumors were abound that people were flocking to the cult and joining their ranks. Caecilius’ own sister, Lusette, left to join. She asked Caecilius to come. That this was the time where dragons were to be feared again. That Tiamat would anoint them all with power. Though Caecilius has promised his parents to care for her, in anger, he sent her away. Told that if she left she was dead to him. That Tiamat was the immortal enemy of Bahamut and he meant to destroy her. After his sister left, the Lord’s alliance confronted him and said he was to be sequestered while the ties to the cult wore investigated. He accepted, sure that his past deeds would prove he was honorable and devoted. The more towns sacked and the more people killed turned his sequestration into imprisonment. After greenest he was locked away.
Artist Unknown

During his imprisonment, former allies and friends turned against him. Other paladins that he didn’t know did all they could to shame him. He was beaten and half starved. Many cried and screamed about lost loved ones as they waited on him. With each hit he retreated further inside himself. He could have snapped some of their necks. He could have charred their bodies. He could have broken them and escaped. But that was breaking an oath. He sat and let the betrayals wash over him. They emptied his family’s vast wealth as reparations. They took his heirloom armor and sword. They stripped him of rank and title and left him to rot.

While imprisoned he was mostly kept away from other prisoners. Though there was someone or something in the cell next to him. A voice that spoke to him. At first he rebuffed the voice. Didn’t want to talk, but over the months that turned into well over a year, it became welcomed conversation. The guards never seemed to speak or deal with the inmate at all, and the voice wouldn’t speak when any others were around. Caecilius almost wondered if he had gone insane, except on the day he was released. The voice was quiet and Caecilius was surprisingly worried. Through a small hole in the stone there sat a glass eye. The voice had often spoke of “my good eye” and Caecilius knew this must belong to the other inmate. He pocketed it and has it still.

The day he was released, he wasn’t expecting it. The warden came in with a dour looking man. Caecilius expected another had paid to beat a dragon. The warden opened the door and nodded him out. “This man, Gods know why, has paid for your release. The stranger nodded to him. As they exited the prison, Caecilius waited for the return of his sword and armor. They brought out old chain mail, a dented shield and helm, and a chipped sword. “Where are my things?” Caecilius asked with venom. “But these are your things.” The warden said with a smile. The warden did hand Caecilius his holy symbol. Not even the fool of the warden was to keep that from him. Caecilius grabbed these things with even more bile rising inside him at yet another insult. Turning to the warden he said “when you pray tonight, pray that I stay true to my oaths. For if I break them I will return here and take your head and burn your house to the ground.” With that he left.

The man who released him was named Anghar Doomseeker. He explained he had been part of the cult of the dragon. He left and escaped with some riches and tried to free as many as he could. This priest had freed Lusette. She had turned against the cult by the end. She suffered mortal wounds but asked that he free Caecilius. That If that was done then Caecilius would aid him. The man preached of a better tomorrow and that the two would find adventure together. Caecilius looked at him and spit that he owed him a debt and that was all. He quietly swore an oath to protect and aid him and has traveled with him for months.

Driessa Nomnialla, Scourge Aasimar and Divine Sorceress Played by Raven

Captured and stolen by Wizards of Thay at age 5, she lived in "The Palace" until age 20 with other children of Celestial lineage. She had no idea where they were being kept other than the wisps of clouds she could see through the ill-kept windows. Their education was limited to what the Wizards thought would be useful for their grooming, mostly arcane knowledge. Years later, when the Wizards agreed to help the Cult of the Dragon, the group was left mostly unsupervised. They attempted multiple times to escape, failing each time. On their last attempt, they gathered in The Palace's catacombs and were able to summon a weak portal. The Wizards found them and as they approached a surge of power washed over her. She felt divine light burn through her body. In the blink of an eye they were sitting in a field, far away from Thay and The Palace. She later learned that the burst of energy which allowed them to escape coincided with the exact moment that Tiamat was defeated.

AVA Played by Lydia

Abandoned at birth, I never knew my family. The only one who has ever treated me with kindness is Arlo, a wizard who took me in and raised me. He has named me AVA which he says means "Little Bird" in a language I have heard but do not understand. Arlo was killed during a raid in our town. I was alone again. I know I am a hideous creature and I have been treated as such. With the face of a bird and the hands of a human I am left grounded. I have no voice of my own. All I want to do is fly away like the birds I have seen fly over me. They are so lucky. Even dragons can fly.

Vrice Kilcannon, Ranger and Monster Slayer Played by Jeff

Vrice Kilcannon, first son of Engath Kilcannon a Triadic Knight of the Knights of Imphras II, was not destined to follow his father’s and 3 generations before him and their greatness as Paladin’s of Impiltur. He had too much wanderlust to stay at home and sit in an old dusty temple and study the edicts of one god much less the three gods of the Triad; Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater. He had always felt that seeking the enemy out in their strongholds and taking the fight to them rather than fighting sieges in fortified cities was more to his liking. The Triadic Knights were a force of good but they had become complacent and weak in his mind and in truth in his father’s eyes also. His father sought to return the knights to their former greatness and knew only one way to do this…find and return the lost swords called Saargar’s Legacy; Ellendrin, the weeping blade, Felthann the summertongue, Galathos the goretooth, and Ulfindos the wailer. These blades once were bore by the ranking paladins of the Triadic Knights until one of their own a paladin named Logram Zurithel betrayed the order and stole the blades and bore them off the west to hide them in some ancient fortress of his family. Many hunted him for the first dozen or so years after he fled but none returned. Now almost 100 years later Engath claimed that Logram must assuredly be dead and the blades probably were languishing in some vault in a forgotten castle. Against the advice of Engath’s best friend Galadrin he left on a quest of not only folly but he also bore with him his hereditary blade, Hellean, the Ironstar blade. He never returned.

Vrice begged the Triadic Knights to go find him and learn his fate but they refused him cursing his father for losing another blade. Unbeknownst to them he was in fact cursed by the very enemy he thought had perished so many years ago, Logram Zurithel. For Logram had become a creature of the night gaining even more power and eternal life. When Engath found his stronghold and confronted him the power of Logram was too great and Engath fell into darkness and now serves Logram as his willing servant.

Vrice finally told the council that they were feeble and old and without honor and walked out of the high temple in Imphras never to return. In his travels he had heard of an ancient oracle in the Bloodstone mountains called Old Enna. He gathered his belongings and left Impiltur, likely for the last time and crossed the vast lands of Damarra and climbed the jagged peaks of the Bloodstone Mountains and found the oracle. There she told Vrice of his father’s fall from light and begged him not to follow his father’s footsteps and add another ally to the dark. Vrice determined to deal with his father in some way rebuffed the oracles warnings but as he left her cave she gave him a bone token and begged him to seek out the Knights of the Eternal Order. These knights were dedicated to seeking out and destroying undead and many of their order were undead themselves but they were not evil. They worshipped Kelemvor, the Lord of the Dead, Judge of the Damned, and Lord of the Crystal Spire.

Vrice trained with the Knights and when they judged him ready they set him on his path with their blessing and with that of Kelemvor. Now Vrice wanders the far west seeking a way to put his father to rest or just find somewhere to call home again.

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