Hoard of the Dragon Queen Journal Part IV

Today we continue with the party journals from Hoard of the Dragon Queen. The in-game dates are Marpenoth 1st and 2nd (by the Calendar of Harptos). The party infiltrates the cultists' camp, and learns what they can of their activities while trying to rescue Leosin Erlanthar. For more information on the characters or the campaign in general, check out the Tyranny of Dragons Index.

From the Journal of Danaeron
The walk to the half moon canyon was easy enough, but I confess I was nervous. Sneaking in broad daylight and pretending to be a member of this idiotic cult is not my strength. I walked a few steps behind Sallos and Ennis. Nithbis was nowhere to be found at that moment. I wondered where she had gotten to or perhaps she was invisible. Druids control a wide variety of magic.

As we enter the camp I made it my mission to scout. Numbers, weapons, layout, escape routes. Sallos does a good job of playing his part as a lieutenant in the cult. Kicking kobolds and staring down any cultists. He even slaps me a few times but I forgive it. Huddled around a campfire, we talk to a few cultists. I try my best and show them my gold to pretend I got it from the raids. Apparently this is not correct? They are hoarding the treasure for the leaders I suppose.

Near the back we see the entrance to the cave and our prisoner to free. Tied to an X in the middle of a clearing. This will be difficult to get him out and escape. While wondering what to do, I see Sallos talking to his pocket. A mouse is squeaking and nodding. So, there was Nithbis. I've seen druids take the shape of beasts before. I tell Ennis and nod my head to the mouse. I'm not sure how she will take it. Her faith is rigid and many high born find it below them to change to beast. I, however, do not share that sentiment. Many times have I longed to know what the forest is like as the bear. How the sky feels against wings. How the rolling river feels to the fish.

At first we suggest she chew through the binds of our ally to free him. Ennis suggests that the mouse should scout the caves. It seems dangerous but scouting is always a good plan, not to mention my focus is those dragon eggs and whatever fell purpose they serve. I pick up Nithbis gently and ask her if she can do it. She nods her furry head and scurries off. Wagons are being loaded with treasure for them to head out in the morning. Horses are in a pen and Ennis and I check them out while Sallos talks to the prisoner. As we walk back it happens.

I hear yelling and turn to see Nithbis back in true form on the ground. Sallos yells to me to free our friend. Sallos runs to the horse pen. I cut Leosin's binds while I see Ennis fire her bow and cast a shield spell. She shouts the name of her god and incantations and light shoots from her hand. The guards are following behind Nithbis and then I see a fog cloud appear again. In a moment the fog is parted: Nithbis is on a horse riding to us. A guard takes a shot at the horse and it starts to stumble. Sallos is upon us with another horse in tow. Ennis and our friend hop on and start galloping. I jump on the horse with Sallos but the guards are already there and we are surrounded. They run me through with a spear and kill our horse. We are most likely dead.

Ennis, the prisoner, and Nithbis should be able to escape. In a moment Nithbis turns into a mouse and leaves additional room on her horse. Ennis shouts a healing to the horse. Sallos and I manage to jump on and we speed off through the camp. We move too fast for the camp to rally. Miles away we are galloping but I know they are gaining on us.

The freed leosin tells us of a city north, Elturel, and of his monk order. We send him off to Greenest, and plan to meet him in Elturel if we make it out of the cave after destroying the dragon eggs. We set traps and easily kill our pursuers. We rest through the night, and head back to the cultist camp in the morning. It is now mostly empty. Heavy guards block the cave and recognize me instantly. The battle is over quickly.

Nithbis manages to heat a guards armor and cook him as he is killed. It is savage but effective. I bend one of my blades sticking it through armor. Ennis manages to mend it. Ennis and Nithbis can do magic I couldn't imagine. Perhaps I should call upon the gods myself.

Inside the cave now, we sneak through the entrance. In a recessed area we find kobolds on a mushroom grove. I fire on them but getting in with my swords will perhaps be better. The stairs are a trap but I'm fast enough to keep from falling. The fungus comes to life and attacks us! It is easily cut down and we manage to cut through them. Nithbis seems pained and apologizes. Before the battle is done she collects some of the fungus in a jar. She is a strange being to me. The last kobold tries to run, but I've had enough. I focus and lay an arrow into him so hard he is pinned to the wall. In an attempt to scare him before that Nithbis boomed her voice again. I wince. Everyone knows we are here now, but t doesn't matter. This place needs to be cleared. This chaos cannot continue.

Nithbis’ Druidic etchings

(Justice, vitality, stress, knowledge)


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